One of the rubs on Amarillo is that there just isn't a whole lot to do for activities or entertainment. Yes, I would agree that there is some truth to that. We have places for enjoying ourselves, but there aren't THAT many, so we find ourselves repeating the same activities over and over.

Personally, I haven't found that one place where I could visit nearly every weekend, but that's about to change.

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The Amarillo Kart Complex is about to have its grand opening, and it's going to be one of the most spectacular things to do in Amarillo.

Let's be honest, everyone loves go-karting. When you go to a sports entertainment complex, bumper cars and go-karts are always one of the most visited attractions. Everyone wants to race against their friends or family for bragging rights.

Amarillo though doesn't have what I would consider a TRUE karting complex, until now.

You want a challenging track with a lot of twists and turns, nice long straights, and areas where you can pass your competition. With the grand opening of the Amarillo Kart Complex, we now have that. I also have an added incentive to visit.

In Austin, Circuit of the Americas is a true Formula 1 track where the sport descends upon every October for the greatest race car driver to do battle. A few years ago, they built a go-kart track right outside one of the entrances to the real racetrack, and it was an amazing thing to drive.

They built a scaled replica of the track inside, so you got to get a taste of the track these drivers were attacking. Amarillo Kart Complex has done the same.

You'll be getting on a replica of the F1 track found in Istanbul, and the second I can get on that track, I will. Having the opportunity to race on any kind of F1 replica track shows you just how hard it can be to navigate the turns, what your racing line is for maximum timing, and find all the spots to be able to pass the other drivers.

The version here in Amarillo will check in just shy of a mile long, but replicate all the turns and straights found at the track. It will create one of the premiere racing experiences in the United States, and it's right here in our backyard.

The grand opening will take place this weekend, May 4-7, and while my boys have baseball games and practices this week, then a tournament on top this weekend, I still fully intend on finding some time to get out and try the track out.

I found a love for F1 when I moved to Austin and attended my first-ever race there, and I have no doubt that my love for F1 will be heightened by having the Amarillo Kart Complex here for my enjoyment. See ya on the track!

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