Every day, many new people visit the state of Texas.

The variety of reasons is endless. Some could be visiting family, or they could visiting the area for a job interview. Whatever the reason, somebody will potentially see the Lone Star State for the first time.

But when somebody makes their way to Texas, they'll definitely need a place to stay right? But where could they stay? Perhaps with a family member in the state?

The most obvious choice is none other than a hotel. But every hotel has certain amenities that draw guests. One lodge in Texas may bring many to it, simply for one big reason.

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Why Would Someone Choose To Stay At This Hotel In Texas?

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To find out why, we turn to U.S News. Recently, the ranked the best hotel pools in the nation. One of the hotels making the list was from none other than San Antonio, Texas.

The hotel featured, the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa, has a very big pool. Here's the description provided by U.S News:

"The pools at the resort are part of the River Bluff Water Experience. Exclusively for hotel guests, the on-site water park offers a 1,100-foot lazy river, a 650-foot river ride, waterslides, a family activity pool, childrens pools and an adults-only pool."

It's a description like that which makes us wish we could visit this pool area just for fun!

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