Women who are pregnant in Texas can't get divorced.

So many times when you come across laws on the book you are left scratching your head.  For example, in Louisiana, it is illegal to tie a horse to a pole in public.

Well, in Texas, there's a law that prohibits women from getting a divorce while they are pregnant, and while this law may seem a bit odd at first, once you read more into it you get a better idea as to why the process can't be completed.

According to articles that I came across regarding this law, women who are pregnant can begin the process of filing for a divorce in Texas, however, the legal proceeding will not be complete until the child is born.

The reason why a divorce cannot be finalized in Texas while a woman is pregnant is that the court does not "have jurisdiction over a child until it is born and, therefore, cannot make final decisions on issues such as child support, child custody, or even paternity."

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

As odd as this may sound to you, Texas isn't the only state in the United States that won't allow a pregnant woman to complete a divorce.

States like Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, and  Missouri will not finalize a divorce if a woman is pregnant. In some of these states, lawmakers are trying to amend the law as many cite that women feel "trapped" if pregnant and want to get out of what can be an abusive situation.

Sure, the law may have been put on the books with good intent, to protect kids and their future, but some who oppose this law in states say it is time to bring the law up to time.

How do you feel about this type of law in some states?  You can comment on the page that linked you to this story.


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