If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all...

That's a phrase I think we've heard growing up. Whether it was from your mom, or your dad, or your grandparents... It's been a cardinal rule we were taught to just being polite. But as we know, not EVERYONE follows that mantra. I've had my run ins with rude people & I'm sure you have too. At a restaurant, on the road or those fricking scammers... it's just something we all deal with in our lives. Heck El Paso is sometimes subjected being made fun on social media...

Apparently SO many people have had run ins with people being rude, there was a list on Travel.Alot.com that ranked 30 of the rudest cities in the United States. On that list included a couple of places close to El Paso including a few Texas cities:

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico was #29
  • Houston, TX was #15.
  • Dallas/Ft Worth sneaked into the top 10 at #9.
  • Phoenix, AZ just missed the top 5, it's ranked at #6.

What about El Paso? Sadly we ARE on the list...just sneaking into the top 20, El Paso sits at #18. If you're curious what #1 is, it was Atlanta, Georgia.

But while we might be #18, I would to point out that we've had plenty of random acts of kindness that we talk about all the time:

And there's plenty of moments that get covered in the news,

or by random citizens.

And that's not even including the moments that DON'T get talked about. There are so many nice things being done on a daily basis...and the people don't get the credit they deserve.

Of course we're going to experience rude people (we face them all the time) however I want to point out that El Paso CAN be nice & personally I don't agree that out of ALL the cities in the U.S., we're number 18. But there's always time to change. So do something nice for someone. A little kindness can go a long way...

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