So today, the Dallas Cowboys have announced the firing of Wade Phillips as their Head Coach. See the story here:

I know everyone talks about how the coach is responsible for the team not playing their best and he can’t motivate them, discipline them, etc.

I don’t buy it. The Cowboys base salaries for this year exceed $100M! That sounds like plenty of motivation right there for the players to perform and be disciplined.

“Well, the team has abandoned Wade and won’t play for him!”

How many interviews with players have you heard where they say the reason they play the sport is because they want to play for a great coach?



They play because they “love the game”…blah blah blah. If they love the game, or just the money…they should play with all their passion and intensity, and be self-disciplined to work hard and play better.  Why should we insist that someone else find motivation for them and push them to do what they already claim to love and want more than anything?

If you stopped doing your job, would the owners of the company come in and fire your boss for not motivating you to work, yet leave you at your desk to continue to underperform?

I think not.

Maybe the players should be afraid for THEIR jobs…give them incentive to actually work hard and be disciplined to do it.

Phillips provided the plays and schemes, hired the coaches and players to make it work and gives them all the tools the team needs to be the best.  It sounds like he’s done his job…if he can’t get the players to do theirs, is it wholly his fault?  Shouldn’t the players take responsibility for not doing their jobs?

Word is that Belichick of the Patriots holds the players accountable for their performance and they can be traded or fired for not performing.  Why would all the other teams in the NFL not turn toward this type of accountability for their teams?

Shouldn’t we look to an example of an organization that has built a very successful team for guidance?

If it’s a matter of “things have always been done this way”…then maybe the owners should be changed…if they can’t adjust away from traditional thinking.

Maybe we should blame the cheerleaders for not being topless.