The UTEP Miners came into the 2022 season with a lot of promise and still look good overall.

This has upped the excitement around the team and ticket sales have risen. That's great and I love the fact that UTEP fans have that belief in, and hope for, the orange and blue.

The Miners' recent win over the highly favored Boise State has, with good reason, really riled everyone up and ... again ... I love it.

I just hope UTEP football fans, who ... you have to admit ... are not used to winning seasons, don't go completely off the rails like Texas Tech fans did.

The police are even looking for one fan who shoved a Longhorns player in all the craziness.. Exuberance is a great thing but, c'mon man ...

Texas Tech was fined $50,000 and reprimanded Monday by the Big 12 Conference because fans stormed the field following an overtime victory against rival Texas, a celebration during which a video showed one of them shoving a Longhorns player. - ESPN

Miners fans, let's keep it classy. Yell, cheer, raise some hell, enjoy whatever victories may be ahead but be cool.

UTEP v Texas
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If you want to get a little crazy after a game, head to one of the many nearby bars, restaurants, etc and celebrate there with other fans.

More fun for you, more support for local businesses and no fines for UTEP. Not to mention jail time for anybody.


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