Aside from the game itself, the Super Bowl lures us in ... football fan or not ... by two other means. The commercials and the halftime show.

Some of the commercials have been epic. Jeez, they even started "teaseing" us about the commercials and many look forward to them as much as any other part of the days entertainment.

Along with the ads, the halftime shows keep getting bigger and flashier every year and some of those awesome halftime moments happened in Texas.

Probably the most infamous Super Bowl halftime show came during Super Bowl XXXVIII. A total "edge of your seat" kind of game in which my Patriots beat the Panthers, 32-29.

On stage at what was then Reliant Stadium, (now NRG Stadium), Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake finished off their act by showing us all a little more of Janet than we'd expected. (Careful NSFW.)

Another memorable halftime show happened in the same stadium in 2017.

This time it was Lady Gaga who began her show prancing around on the roof of the Stadium.

She then jumped off of it and kinda "flew" to the stage. No nipples here so, watch away ...

These Super Bowl shows are no joke, no matter who performs or what craziness may occur.

The NFL pays all production costs and expenses but, apparently, not the artists themselves. At best, they're paid very little so, (I'm guessing here), that leads to some "padding" on the final bill.

Whether I'm correct there or not, here's what a few past performances cost the NFL to produce.

  • The Weekend - $17 million
  • J-Lo & Shakira - $13 million
  • Prince - $12 million
  • Aerosmith & Nsync - $11 million

Here's a list of all the Super Bowl halftime artists.

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