Over the years, I've seen some pretty wacky stuff at Street Fest. I couldn't possibly tell all the stories here. Some, according to my lawyers, I can't ever tell...

The El Paso Downtown Street Festival features several side stages, with all kinds of different acts. For years, in addition to main stage stuff, I also ran the local rock stage. The insanity over there was legendary. While playing, local locos have:

  • Wade into the fountains
  • Scale the nearby buildings
  • Ignore curfew
  • Taunted the police
  • Partied too hard and had to be "helped" off the stage.
  • One particularly adventuresome band rigged their own pyro. Fortunately, I caught on before a big ass chunk of the Art Museum got blown off. Amateurs.

The Camino Real got pretty wild too when locals stayed there. More than once, El Paso's finest were called in to settle things down and, on occasion, clear (pretty much) entire floors. I've done some pretty fast talking over the years as well to keep peeps out of jail!

Things like that kiddies, is how the term "Local Locos" was born.

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