The Texans extended their best ever opening streak to 4-0 against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, with a performance that should solidify their position as one of the most complete teams this year. The Texans have the offense, led by Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels that can score quickly on long, explosive plays, or eat the clock with pounding drives downfield.

The defense is ranked as one of the best in the NFL, with JJ Watt, Brooks Reed and Brian Cushing making huge holes in offensive lines and getting to the quarterback on a regular basis. JJ Watt has 7.5 sacks on his own so far, showing the effectiveness of the Texans' defense at breaking up the rhythm of an offense and derailing the opponent's drives.

Are they going to the Super Bowl?

I'm not going to start pulling that out yet. It's only week four, and there are still some things I think the team needs to work on. Chris Johnson had his first great game against the Texans this week, and the defense didn't seem to be able to counter him well, allowing more holes for him to squeeze through than they should have. Matt Hasselbeck (aside from the two interceptions) looked pretty good throwing the ball into holes in the secondary, that should be closed with Wade Phillip's schemes.

The productivity of the tight ends and other receivers hasn't picked up enough to alleviate the pressure of double-coverage on Andre Johnson, keeping him from exploding against the opponent's defense, but he's still managing to pick up the ball across the middle with his size and strength.

These are nitpicky things, though, and I see a really strong team finally coming together into the team that could make it's way through the playoffs to the AFC Championship Game. They've got a few tough matches coming up later in the season, and like I said earlier, it's only week four. A lot can, and usually does, happen between now and January.

Super Bowl? I'd love it! Am I predicting they're going to be there? Not yet.

It's still just the hope of a fan.

In case you missed the game, don't worry, we have the recap of what happened, a video recap and pictures from the game. Check out ESPN's preview of this week's coming matchup against the New York Jets.

HOUSTON -- The Texans have always been known for their prolific offense under Gary Kubiak. Now, Houston has a defense capable of making just as many plays, and the formula has the team off to its best start ever.

Danieal Manning and Kareem Jackson returned interceptions for touchdowns, and Matt Schaubthrew two TD passes in Houston's 38-14 win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

Arian Foster also had a touchdown run for Houston (4-0). Even though the Texans were outgained 325-297 by the Titans (1-3), they broke open a close game after halftime.