Hillary Fisher is a Playboy model, the current Miss Playboy Club, Miss Sunset Tan 2010 and has appeared in Maxim and American Curves magazine. She is also a self-proclaimed foodie and pastry chef. She can add Crush of the Day to her extensive resume. It should go somewhere near the top.

Perhaps we should come up with some type of presentable award for being named Crush of the Day. Maybe a sash? Do women like wearing sashes? It seems like it would cover up a woman too much. At least half of her body. The shoulder, boob opposite the shoulder plus half the mid-section is obstructed by a sash. Maybe a mesh t-shirt? How about a pinny? A new pinny, not one of those gym class pinnies that smell like they were used to wipe the butt of every student that ever took a gym class. Ever.

Got it! Crush of the Day thongs. Probably have to abbreviate Crush of the Day to fit it all on the thong.