I love trick or treating, I always have. Nowadays I take my grandkids and nieces and nephews out to get candy from our neighbors but personally, I would rather not get candy, I would rather get these things from my neighbors. Now before you say, but Tricia, free candy is the best, I have to say, I do agree, but a girl has to eat and at this time of the year, candy isn't something I crave. For these 5 El Paso things, however, I am totally willing to go to Party City and grab a costume to get.

1. Chili con queso - It might be a little messy but the kids are the ones with their hands full of candy and plastic pumpkins. I can carry a plate with chips and queso around no problem.

Bowl of warm queso (cheese dip) with a plate of tortilla chips

2. Burritos - Not just any burrito, a burrito made by a señora in a vintage Kmart housecoat and pair of chanclas that she can throw with deadly accuracy. Those are the señoras who can make the picadillo and the tortillas from scratch while watching the nietos because their mom is off at the club.

mexican chicken and beef fajitas
Olga Nayashkova

3. Abuelita hot chocolate - Just like with tamales, hot chocolate hits different in the summer. You have to have the sun going down early and at least one throw ready to put over you. If you're using any other hot chocolate then you also need to run out and get some Abuelita. It will change everything.

4. Anything for my Dia de los Muertos altar - A candle, a bunch of marigolds, a pan dulce, whatever you want to contribute to an altar would be lovely.

Traditional mexican Day of the dead altar with sugar skulls and candles

5. Holy Water - You know all of our grandmas have that plastic bottle of Holy Water with the gold cross on it in their house. Give me one of those because Halloween is when the veil between worlds is the thinnest and I'll need something to sprinkle in case I run into a demon while trick or treating.


Happy Halloween!

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