When Dr. Diana Natalicio passed away all of El Paso stopped for a moment and held their breath. What would UTEP be like without the beloved longtime president of the university. True, she had retired in 2019 after taking office as the president of UTEP in 1988, but she had never really left the minds of the students whose lives she touched or the staff who loved her and loved to speak of their interactions with her.

What a lot of people didn't know was just how much of a super fan she was of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. I got the chance to speak with her after an event at her home when she was still the president of UTEP and her love for the team was evident not only in the way she spoke of them but of the memorabilia she had from decades of collecting. That love of her team is what prompted this Twitter thread by my husband Darren.

1. Dr. Natalicio's death and her love of the St. Louis Cardinals team is outlined.
2. Her love of our city and UTEP is right up there with her love for her Cardinals.
3. It would have been nice for her to have seen this season through given the streak they are on.
4. I hope she got the chance to enjoy her team doing so well this past season.
5. We will never forget that Dr. Natalicio was named on of the world's 50 greatest leaders on the Time magazine list of 100 most influential people.
6. Dr. Natalicio on the mound throwing out the first pitch at El Paso Diablos game is priceless.
7. A moment of silence at their home game tomorrow would be a lovely gesture.

Help get Dr. Natalico a moment of silence at the Cardinals game by retweeting this thread. She was an amazing lady and getting her that accolade would be a lovely way to show how much we loved her and how much she loved her team.

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