According to Swedish soccer star Freddie Ljungberg, modeling underwear for Calvin Klein can have some unforeseen drawbacks.

Ljungberg, who played midfield for Premier League’s Arsenal between 1998-2007, claims that after he started modeling underwear he’d have issues going out to nightclubs. Why? Well, it appears that many women saw those advertisements and decided to do some field testing.

Freddie recounted this tale of tragedy to the Swedish website Di.Se as he informed the world that women would grab his crotch in any way possible and laugh about it:

“It sounds so cocky … and I will not whine … but if for example, I walked into a nightclub in London girls came back and grabbed my crotch.”

“It was happening everywhere. They came from behind, side, pulled and tugged at me. The worst part was that you could not do a damn thing about it. When I angrily removed their hands, people just laughed.”

“Some people thought that I should blame myself, I had signed with Calvin Klein and played in a top team. But there was no limit to what others thought they were entitled to do.”

We’re not really sure how a nation of men will react to this story but we’ve got a feeling that not many of them are going to feel sorry for Freddie’s plight.

Let Ljungberg’s story be a lesson to all you potential underwear models reading this right now — HAHAHAHAA. Oh man, we couldn’t even write that with a straight face.

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