This heartwarming video is being shared all over social media of some great teens at Franklin High showing their appreciation of their teacher. The holidays are here and this is the time people are sharing the Christmas and holiday spirit by giving to others. One group of students at a local high school decided they were going to pool their money and buy a Christmas present for their favorite teacher and the students knew exactly what he would love.

Mr. Dunton is a teacher at Franklin High School and his students say the man loves wearing sneakers, specifically, Air Jordans. According to the students, Mr. Dunton's most recent pair of Jordans had been falling apart and so they came up with a plan to give him a Christmas present I don't think he'll ever forget. The students surprised him during class with a brand new pair.

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In the video, Mr. Dunton looks confused as to what the present is but is then shocked to see what the students bought for him. He even asks at one point how they were able to find out what size shoe he wears. It's a heartwarming video that shows just how much the relationship between a teacher and their students can mean. Mr. Dunton seems like a teacher who the students truly care about and want to show their appreciation in any way they can. Great job by Mr. Dunton's students for showing us what the true meaning of the holidays is.

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