Willie Cager is a Miner hoops legend, a National Champion, and a Basketball Hall of Famer. How about Mayor? The former Texas Western star and longtime El Paso resident told the El Paso Times today that he is planning to run for mayor next May. Although Cager does not have a platform yet, the 74-year old believes that he can make a difference.

"We are talking about everything that needs to be improved," Cager told the El Paso Times. "When Oscar Leeser said he was going to retire I thought I may as well take over this show."

Dee Margo has already announced that he will run for mayor. The Times also reported that David Saucedo II will join Margo and Cager in the mayoral race. The deadline to file has not yet been posted by the secretary of state, but it is expected to announced later this fall.

Cager joined us back in June to talk basketball and also discuss his charity foundation to benefit at risk children by teaching life skills through basketball. We covered a variety of topics that day, but the El Paso mayoral race was not one of them.