If anyone watched World Championship Wrestling in the 1990s, they remembered Marcus "Buff" Bagwell. The former six-time World Tag Team Champion had a nice run in WCW, but failed to impress Vince McMahon and was fired from the WWE in 2001. What is Buff up to these days? How about $400 an hour to rent him as a male gigolo. That's right ladies, Bagwell is now a male prostitute, and he can now be yours for an "overnight visit" .... all for the low price of $3,000!

As a pro wrestler, Bagwell's moniker was Buff "The Stuff". I guess at $400 per hour, women can find out if he's as good as advertised. TMZ reports that Bagwell is married, but in an open relationship. Here's a memorable moment from his WCW days, when he was kicked out of the NWO by Scott Steiner.