In one of the more simultaneously funny and bizarre moments of the weekend, former NC State greats Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani were both ejected from the Wolfpack's game against ACC rival Florida State.

Apparently 'Googs' and 'Corch' were on referee Karl Hess for some perceived bad calls.  Hess didn't take too kindly to the criticism and demanded the Wolfpack greats be removed.

Hess has the right to have fans removed, but the ironic thing is that he didn't follow the proper procedure.  The ACC's protocol is for the official to notify game-management personnel about issues with fans.  Hess bypassed that and pointed to North Carolina's finest to remove the men who have there numbers hanging in the rafters.

According to Corchiani, the final straw for Hess was when Gugliotta stood up and yelled, "It's about time" when a call went State's way.  Corchiani maintains neither man used profanity.

Both men will be back at the RBC Center Tuesday night when the 1988-89 Wolfpack team is honored at halftime against North Carolina.  Something tells me Hess will not be there!