If you have always opposed the "every kid gets a trophy for playing" mentality in youth sports, you will loathe this story. The ACC coaches voted to propose a plan that every Division 1 basketball program makes the 2021 NCAA tournament.

According to Jeff Goodman, 346 schools out of 357 D1 teams are eligible for the 2021 NCAA Tournament. Of the 11 schools not eligible for March Madness, seven are reclassifiers, three cannot go due to APR restrictions, and Oklahoma State was hit with a one-year postseason ban for NCAA violations.

The proposal apparently is the brainchild of Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, but it was not particularly well received on social media.

As for UTEP, they have not made the NCAA Tournament in over a decade, which was the last season for Tony Barbee. Will the Miners hang a banner from the rafters of the Don Haskins Center to celebrate the drought finally coming to an end?

On a serious note, 2020 has sucked for so many people, and in sports the NCAA Tournament was canceled before it could even get under way. Since the ACC holds all the stroke when it comes to college hoops, a massive 347-team college basketball tournament will be a fun conversation piece for fans to talk about. It also makes you wonder how many upsets we will see since every single D1 team will have their shot to advance. Let's now take it a step further. What if this massive all-in tourney is such a success that everyone wants to permanently change the format of the college basketball postseason? Gone are the conference tournaments and instead, we have this new massive competition every spring. It would definitely give new meaning to the words "March Madness."

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