Tonight when Bravos de FC Juarez and Monarcas Morelia square off at Southwest University Park, it will be safe to say that the individual player that will take home the biggest ovation from the crowd will be from the visiting team. Morelia goalkeeper Cirilo Saucedo won the hearts of many soccer fans in the Borderland over the course of the one year he spent in the region.

Saucedo was the goalkeeper of the now defunct CF Inidios for one year (2 seasons, 2008-2009) when that team was promoted to what is now Liga Mx, Mexico's premier soccer division.

In that brief period of time, Cirilo won the hearts of a majority of the supporters that cheered on Indios and became an overnight fan favorite. His value as a keeper skyrocketed in the Borderland as well. He was originally on loan from Tigeres to CF Indios because he was not getting much playing time. After the two seasons with Inidios in which Saucedo was a vital factor in the team avoiding relegation and making a playoff run that ended in the semi-finals the team from Monterrey recognized his value and called him back.

From there, Saucedo has gone on to become one of the top goalkeepers in Mexico, consistently in the top 5 and being called to the Mexican National Soccer Team on a few occasions.

Yesterday after a 2-hour practice and Southwest University Park, Cirilo Saucedo addressed the media regarding his return to the Borderland. When asked about the love that soccer fans still have for him after all these years, as evidenced by social media, Saucedo commented, “It's mutual, the truth is the fans here treated me very good. We formed a great communion, accomplished important things and all of that will always be in my heart, because of that I will always grateful to the fans of this region. I'm glad that they have a team they can cheer on once again, that their team is a contender and that hopefully, with this ownership group, they can be promoted to first division.”

With regards to FC Juarez' performance so far in their inaugural season the goalkeeper for Morelia commented, “I follow their results, I'm aware of what they do week to week, they have a very good team with very good coaches. I hope that fans establish a support for this team like they did years ago. Alejandra de la Vega has made a tremendous effort to bring back soccer to the region at what appears to be just the right time and let’s hope that long term outcomes are better than those that have happened in the past.”

Saucedo finished by stating, “I was very happy to find out I would be coming back to the Borderland this weekend, very grateful and I haven't lost hope to one day, once again, dress the jersey of a team from here.”