Fans attending the upcoming FC Juarez exhibition match against Monarcas Morelia on Friday night at Southwest University Park will be in for an extra treat.  In addition to what promises to be a great soccer match, they are also going to witness fan participation unlike any other that they have seen in person.

It is safe to say that the a significant part of the biggest support group for FC Juarez will undoubtedly make it presence felt in Friday night at the Chihuahuas stadium.  This support group is known as “El Kartel”.

This support group was born in the mid 2000's shortly after CF Indios came into existence. The name, derived from ironic dark humor, has stuck with this group of loyal futbol fanatics despite all of the increased violence that took place from late 2007 to mid 2013 in our sister city.

No fans went through a bigger heartbreak than when CF Indios ceased to exist than the members of “El Kartel.”  It was a love and heartbreak that was fantastically documented in a book by Robert Andrew Powell titled This Love Is Not For Cowards.

Now with the birth of Bravos de FC Juarez, “El Kartel” is back and happier than ever and their section at Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium is getting bigger with every passing game.

Wether there is 20, 100 or more members present on Friday night rest assured that their presence will be felt.  The will stand up and cheer, sing at the top of their lungs drowning out the drums that they will be beating for the entire 90 minutes of the match helping everyone in attendance at Southwest University Park be consumed by the spirit of the beautiful game.