By: Stephen Freyermuth
Sports Editor for Coronado Explorer


The start of a new school year is never easy. Students are disoriented, learning new schedules, meeting new teachers, and sometimes meeting new students. The discombobulated start of school can be reflected to the discombobulated start of a new football season. Coaches learn the strengths and weaknesses of new players, leading to some confusion to start. The teams that overcome that confusion and learn to work together in the slowest amount of time are usually the teams that perform at the highest levels, something that Coronado and Canutillo have been successful at in the past years, and Friday night will be a clear example of that.

The T-Birds lost some starters on both offense and defense that had played at the varsity level since sophomore year, causing a familiarity between the coaching staff and the players, and even the fans and players to be lost as well. With a new starting quarterback, running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, defensive ends, etc. the stress for an early win is high. A win for Coronado, against a Canutillo team that is projected to finish well in District 1-4A, would be a tremendous confidence boost. Also, the respect from other teams within the district, and media sources could be gained with a win over a formidable opponent like Canutillo early in the season.

“Every game is important, but the first game is a way for us to get in a rhythm. A win could be good for building teamwork,” said Paul Pounds, Coronado tight end.

Coach Scott Brooks, the coach for Canutillo and son of Coronado coach Don Brooks, has not had the success against the T-Birds that he usually has in District 1-4A, and even though this isn’t a district match up, it still has the feeling of a meaningful game because of the family rivalry between father and son.

“Winning for Coach (Don) Brooks against his son does add some extra motivation. It makes us want to win one for his own bragging rights,” said Ivan Garcia, Coronado line backer.

With the long season ahead it is needless to say that a win in the first game of the season would be crucial, adding a boost of confidence to a Coronado team that is facing the obstacle of a lack of chemistry, or getting the ball rolling for a Canutillo team that is expecting to win a very competitive District 1-4A. Either way, the battle between the Brooks men will be as entertaining as ever Friday night at Thunderbird Stadium.

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