Check out this bit of hilarity by an English sports blogger who does commentary of CPUvCPU replays from NBA2K12. He doesn't have the first clue about basketball and sounds at least as uncomfortable as ESPN's Scott Van Pelt does describing any soccer highlight on SportsCenter.

(Personal programming note to SportsCenter producers: Please, if you are going to do soccer highlights, give your announcers a cheat sheet on the terms and get them to at least FAKE their interest. Either that, or just bring in Max Bretos.)

This guy's name is Anthony Richardson and, though you'll have to rewind his commentary to understand it from time-to-time, he's pretty hilarious, calling free throws "penalty shots" and screaming, "Bouncy, bouncy -- SCORY!"

Taking on the Mavericks-Thunder series, he refers to Dirk Nowitzki's avatar as Owen Wilson and says Kevin Durant's parents taught him how to jump by nailing his toys to the ceiling. Good stuff.

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