600 ESPN El Paso is your home for football!  Here's a list of all the games and sporting events you can listen to on 600 ESPN El Paso and this week it includes UTEP Women's Basketball.


Thursday 11/13 NFL Football 

6:25 pm Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dohpins

Friday 11/14 UTEP Miners Women's Basketball/ FFN

5:30 pm NMSU vs UTEP

7:30 pm Football Friday Night

Saturday 11/15 College Football

1:30  pm Mississipi St vs Alabama Crimson Tide

5:30 pm Texas Longhorns vs Oklahoma St.

Sunday 11/16 NFL Football

11 am San Francisco 49ers vs New York Giants

2 pm Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals

6:30 pm New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts

Monday 11/17 NFL Football

6:30 pm Pittsburg Steelers vs Houston Texans