El Paso may not have anymore 7-Eleven convenience stores anymore but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy 7-Eleven’s popular Bring Your Own Cup Day!

You might remember earlier this year the news broke that Alon convenience stores were acquired by Delek US Holdings and all 7-Eleven’s in El Paso were rebranded as DK convenience stores.



Because of this change, all 7-Eleven products were removed BUT 7-Eleven's parent company bought over 3,500 Speedway stores in 2021 and as part of that deal, Speedway is carrying 7-Eleven branded products, including SLURPEES!!

Slurpee Fans, REJOICE: Bring Your Own Cup Day Lives On

On April 29th Slurpee fanatics can take their own cups to fill any Slurpee flavor for just $1.99 at any Speedway location across El Paso.

Customers can fill up almost any cup-like container, but there’s a few guidelines so before you take your storage containers, read these guidelines.

The container must fit in an in-store display with a 10-inch-diameter. This limit also ensures that the "cup" can fit under the drink dispenser.

So, grab your large plastic wine glasses, football helmets, fish bowls, boots, or whatever and join in on the Bring Your Own Cup Day fun but remember, the promotion is limited to one cup for each customer.

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