This is one of the craziest finished you'll ever see in a boxing match. WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder is just throwing haymakers against challenger Tyson Fury, knocking him to the ground and seemingly ending the fight.

But WAIT! Fury wasn't done. He was just buying time. Playing possum. He looked OUT. But he pops up and finishes the fight.

The fight, of course, ended in a draw. Scoring went as follows. Judge Alejandro Rochin of Mexico scored it 115 to 111 for Wilder. Canadian judge Robert Tapper had it 114 to 112 for Fury. And British judge Phil Edwards scored it 113 to 113.

Wilder earned at least $4 million for the fight, while Fury earned about $3 million. But I can guarantee there's an even bigger pay day on the horizon for both, as this was one of the greatest finishes to a fight of all time. And both fighters did say they are on board for a rematch.

And I found this clip from the crowd. Hopefully by the time you're reading this it's still up.


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