FC Juarez and Toluca played to a 1-1 draw this past weekend at Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium. This result broke the Bravos two game losing streak and allowed them to add a point to their season-long tally which is of the utmost importance to this team.

Still, at the end of the day, FC Juarez had the second place team in the league on the ropes with minutes to go, leading 1-0 late in the match and then giving up the equalizer with moments to spare.

The first half of the match was evenly disputed. The visiting team was somewhat better than the Bravos who looked a little flat at times over the course of the opening 45 minutes.

The second half was completely different as FC Juarez arguably played the best half of soccer they have played thus far this season. The Bravos absolutely dominated the Red Devils in every way. The reward of this effort would not come until the 88th minute when Maxi Olivera scored off of a direct kick.

Two minutes into the stoppage time Toluca got the equalizer when Jean David Meneses headed the ball into the back of the net off of a cross that went directly toward him from the right flank.

Four minutes later the match was over.

FC Juarez.
FC Juarez.

In his post match press conference, Bravos head coach/technical director Hernan Cristante said about his team’s effort, "The team was aggressive, constantly insisted on trying to score in one form or another using various variables to try and do so, so I can’t object to any part of their performance."

He added, "Today the game of soccer was not just with the boys as they deserved more, but it happens that way."

As for the goal that was conceded after taking the lead with only minutes to go Cristante said he felt his team needed, "...that element of “mischief” in order to put a game, a result to bed as the match comes to an end, to milk extras seconds off the clock in any stoppage of play, to stay down a little longer if fouled."

Because of the lightning pace this 2022 apertura season is being played out due to the pending FIFA World Cup in late November, the Bravos will host Atletico San Luis tonight in what will be their third consecutive home match.

San Luis comes into the Borderland with the exact same record, thus the same amount of points as the Bravos, but are one place below the Bravos in the general standings table due to goal differential. FC Juarez currently finds itself in 12th place, in the last wild card playoff spot, while Atletico is in 13th.

Tonight’s match will be televised nationally on Fox Deportes and is scheduled for a 7 p.m. kickoff.

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