Aaron Jones took to social media earlier this morning announcing the passing of his father, Alvin Jones, Sr.

El Paso is mourning alongside Aaron and Alvin Jones after hearing the news that their father has passed away.

Aaron Jones posted a heart-wrenching post on Instagram saying the following:

“Heart torn into a million pieces I’m so proud of you I love You Dad I promise I’ll always protect and take care of our Queen and the rest Family you’ve raise me and have been preparing vino and I for 26 years ! Can’t even imagine game days without you by my side haven’t missed a game in 9 years and it scares me to think about it but I know you have the best seat in the stadium and you’re forever engraved in me and I’ll I’ll carry our Name high and be great like you’ve pushed me all my life! I could write a book and go on and on but Now it’s time to Be a Man and Hold it down I got you Poppa - Rest Easy Pops, Gods got us ”

Soon after his post went up, El Pasoans began to leave messages of love and support, saying:

Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Instagram 2
Aaron Jones Instagram 3

Both Jones brothers are former UTEP standouts and went on to play for the NFL. Aaron Jones initially left college early for the NFL draft. Still, he ended up fulfilling a promise he made to his parents and graduated college and is most recently signed an extension as the star running back for the Green Bay Packers.

After UTEP, Alvin went on to play for the Baltimore Ravens as a linebacker and is currently a free agent.

Both brothers are also the namesakes behind the non-profit A&A All The Way Foundation that helps with children’s basic needs, recreation and fitness, and supporting children in military families.

Alvin Jones, Sr. was a retired U.S. Army sergeant major, dedicated father who raised two amazing kids and created a loving family unit while managing to give back to their community.

Just like the rest of El Paso, we are shocked and saddened to hear the news of Mr. Jones' passing. Our deepest condolences go out to Aaron, Alvin, their mother, and the rest of the family.


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