Sheryl Sandberg is a name everyone should know because, in a matter of months, she will be one of the most powerful women in the world. Sandberg is the COO of a small little start-up company in California called Facebook.

Once the Facebook IPO goes through, and after Sandberg makes a KILLING in stocks and salary, she will become the ‘face’ of Facebook. She is a heck of lot more pleasing on the eyes than Lord Zuckerberg. She is already making the rounds, meeting with people like President Obama and Lady Gaga. Sheryl Sandberg is gonna be all up in your news. She is our ‘crush’ today because she will be rich, powerful and have access to the Facebook accounts of everyone in the world.

Everyone except our Aunt Izzy, who never got into this whole Facebook jazz. She was smart enough to not create an account and get sucked *incoming email* and now Aunt Izzy wants to be friends on Facebook.