Eva Amurri has several things going for her: incredible genes from mom Susan Sarandon, a burgeoning acting career, a hatred of clothing and a love of being photographed without much of it on.

Sadly though, Eva will always be runner-up to mom. Most men will want her just because of mom. It’s like getting a shot at Susan Sarandon. Eva is the Susan Sarandon reboot. Can’t have the chick from ‘Bull Durham?’ How about her eerily similar looking daughter? Give her the heat and announce your presence with authority!

Worse than being second-best to mom is being thought about with mom. Beware the incestuous ideas of men. There was one. And another. And another that improved on the first thought by adding a ceiling mirror. Mirrors make every position more enjoyable plus really open up a room.

Eva will next appear, according to her recent bachelorette party invite, half-naked in Las Vegas.