The Crush of the Day today is Erna G. Erna is from Reykjavik, Iceland and has done spreads in several Icelandic magazines, appeared in music videos and TV commercials and graced the cover of Bleikt & Blatt magazine which, according to Erna’s modeling profile page, is the Icelandic version of Playboy. We tried to Google that info but searching Bleikt & Blatt made the computer fart and immediately shut down.

If you think the magazine title is a tongue twister, wait until you hear Erna’s last name. It’s Gunnþórsdóttir. It sounds like a bargain basement Goldschlager knockoff. And you know the old Icelandic saying, “once you’ve had Gunnþórsdóttir, you’ll never be able to wear white underwear again.”

Erna is our crush because she proves beauty can break the language barrier. Erna would be considered just as hot in America as she is in her native Iceland. In fact, how about a trade Iceland? One Gunnþórsdóttir for two Kardashians? We’ve not sure what their name translates to but we’ve got an American saying about them and it goes “once you’ve had a Kardashian you’ll probably need a shot of penicillin from the team trainer and have to sit out one game versus the Mavericks.”