El Paso Townsquare speaks this week to local author Kimberley Jones whose book "Our Friendship Matters" goes on sale today.

Jones uses her gift of storytelling and mixes in her personal experiences as an African-American woman to create a timely book for a timely audience –– young adults.

"Our Friendship Matters" is about a pair of high school seniors –– one black, one white –– who attend a private school. Sheltered from the outside world, fallout from a tragic shooting challenges their friendship and opens their eyes to the need for social justice in their hometown.

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Jones uses the book to make the point to her readers that there is no shame in being curious and asking questions about cultural differences – nor should there be any shame for those being asked to give honest answers – but that harm comes from silence and assumption.

Originally from South Carolina, Jones and her family are recent transplants to the Sun City. In the interview, Jones tells about her appreciation for the unassuming warmth of her fellow El Pasoans, and how different that is from some of the other cities where she has lived.

One of the surprises in the interview came when Jones revealed that the book was actually written almost three years ago –– a sad testament to how much hasn't changed from when she first had the idea.

"Our Friendship Matters" can be purchased online as an eBook or paperback hard copy via Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.


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