El Paso's Good News-Bad News of the Week is all about numbers. Two of them, to be precise. The bad news is terrible: over 10,000 El Pasoans tested positive for COVID-19 just this last week. The good news is incredible: more El Pasoans have voted early (222,149) – than El Pasoans who voted in 2016 (210,502).

We could think of no one person more qualified to talk about both numbers than Robert Moore, CEO and President of ElPasoMatters.org.

Moore, the former editor of the El Paso Times, is something of a numbers cruncher, and it was his diligence in analyzing testing data that allowed the county to head off a possible super-spreading disaster in Tornillo in the early days of the pandemic.

Would that the numbers could be as low as they were in April.

Moore talked about the impending disaster our raging outbreak will wreak on El Paso healthcare facilities – not to mention El Paso families – and brought up another chilling number toward which we appear to be barreling: over 1,000 deaths, which could mark COVID-19 as El Paso's deadliest killer this year, surpassing heart disease and cancer.

Moore also weighed in on the desmadre between city, county and state officials after County Judge Ricardo Samaniego issued a two-week lockdown that would close restaurants and other non-essential businesses around El Paso – an order the city won't enforce, the state is joining lawsuits to overturn and that many local restaurants are flat ignoring.

We discussed a number of reasons that could be behind El Paso's horrible numbers, including the city's decision to essentially halt enforcement of its own health mandates.

It's frankly the scariest thing I heard this Halloween.

But it's not all bad news for the Sun City. Moore talked about the incredible number of votes already cast in the 2020 election, and how we got there. Major kudos to the subject of our last EP Townsquare, El Paso County Elections Administrator Lisa Wise and her crew, who have been working seven days a week for over a month to get ready for what they knew would be a huge turnout.

In particular, the addition of curbside or drive-thru voting at seven different locations around the city was a huge help, especially with many not wishing to be crowded indoors in the middle of a pandemic.

Wise was also key in getting the county to open up voting for all El Pasoans at any voting station. If you find yourself in a situation where you won't be able to get to your precinct's voting location in time, you can find the closest one to you and vote there, provided you have an acceptable legal ID.

Don't forget to check the website epcountyvotes.com for voting locations county-wide, not to mention a sample ballot specific to your neighborhood precinct (click here and input your information) that you can print out, fill out beforehand and take with you to the polls this Tuesday to make things as quick and easy as possible.

And check out ElPasoMatters.org's handy voting guide for local races so you can make your decisions about who you'll be voting for Tuesday.

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