The Albuquerque Police Department has unveiled their newest police car and this one is sure to turn heads. The Albuquerque Police Department teamed up with local car enthusiasts to debut a new custom police car that is sure to turn heads. This is the type of thing we should be seeing between local car clubs and the El Paso Police Department.

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You don't always see a bunch of lowrider cars and cop cars in the same parking lot for a good reason but it was a celebration this past weekend as the groups congregated in New Mexico. The Albuquerque Police Department had been working for two years on a lowrider project with various members of the lowrider community, per KRQE News.

Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina talked about how he grew up around the lowrider community thanks to his older brother. Robert Cardenas is the owner of Showoff Automotive LLC and he and Robert Vanderslice helped with the project. Both men say it's unusual to see the worlds of lowriders and cops working together, but they wanted to work on the project to help end that negative stigma towards the lowrider community.

The inside of the lowrider is decorated by artwork from local kids, while the mural on the hood of the cop car was done by a young local artist named Kaylyn Flores. Flores won the APD Lowrider Mural Art contest in 2019 and was awarded a $5,000 scholarship.

Her artwork on the hood features the Sandia Mountaiuns, a Zia symbol, an APD badge, the Route 66 highway sign, and the beautiful New Mexican sunset. If the El Paso Police Department were to come out with its own lowrider cop car, we'd have to see the star on the mountain, the Asarco tower, the San Jacinto Plaza gators, and maybe even our El Paso Chihuahuas mascot. Then we'd have to have in the background our own beautiful El Paso sunset.

KRQE via Youtube
KRQE via Youtube

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