Coming from a big Hispanic family, I can understand when people say that Easter weekend is a big deal for them. My favorite Easter memories include going to Juarez to my abuelita's house knowing that all my cousins from Coahuila had arrived to celebrate. On the way there we would pass several parks both in El Paso and Juarez and saw crowds of people. Those were simpler, funner times. Things have changed.

City leaders are urging, URGING, the public not to gather for Easter weekend. We're still under a "stay home" order and considering officials have said that social distancing is working in slowing it down, we're still a ways from going back to normal. Although you may think that social distancing means you can visit your family, you're not entirely safe just because it's people you know. Easter is a big deal here but our health, and the health of our community, is a bigger deal, so some Twitter users want to remind you to stay home this Easter weekend. Stay home now, and we can all party later.

Reminder #1:


Reminder #2:

Remember, lots of other people are making sacrifices, you're not the only one:

Reminder #3:

Reminder to be El Paso Strong:

Let's not make this happen!

Reminder #4:

And lastly, if you're not following EPPD on Twitter, you are missing out!

Stay safe, stay home and happy Easter!

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