Sports are a great way to make friends. Whether it be playing them or watching them, being a fan of a sports team is an easy way to make a new connection with a stranger.

In 2020, teams have been trying to keep this type of connection with fans, thanks to virtual attendance or cardboard cutouts. Like many fans, the Solis family took this opportunity to purchase a cardboard cutout of to honor their deceased father, Horacio Solis, and finally send him to an Atlanta Braves home game.

Amy Solis, Horacio's daughter, told, her Dad would have been so happy with his seat and is excited to finally make his dream of attending an Atlanta Braves game in Atlanta, Georgia come true.

Amy Solis
Amy Solis

Once the season was over, the Atlanta Braves told cutout buyers they would not be shipping the cutouts to them, so the Solis family realized they needed help getting the cutout back home to El Paso, Texas

Amy took to Facebook to post in an Atlanta Braves fan group for help to retrieve her Dad's cutout. Retired police officer, Danny Parrot answered her post.

He got the information from Amy to pick up her Dad's cutout, and snapped some photos with it, as Horacio's cutout made his way back to El Paso.

On a Atlanta Braves group, a lady in Texas purchased a cut out of her deceased dad. She wanted someone to try to...

Posted by Danny Parrott on Sunday, September 27, 2020

Any and Danny are a perfect example of this sports fan connection. It is a beautiful thing to see strangers in 2020 coming together to simply retrieve a cardboard cutout, while we worry about the future of our country.

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