This might be the creepiest and most adorable thing you’ll see this Halloween.

Local professional photographer Lilian Argüelles took her love of the spooky season and turned it into a cute and gory Halloween photo shoot.

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Although, as much as her frightful take on 'mommy and me time' amuses me, I may never eat spaghetti again. Keep scrolling, you'll see why.

Argüelles, who along with her wife Alejandra Guerrero run Atelier Photography, told me the ghoulish photo session came about because "Halloween is our favorite season after Christmas, and we always love to add some funny and cute to the spooky side."

Lilian said they used her nieces as the models for the undead and their mother (her sister) Dahlia as dinner.

In the photos, the zombified siblings gleefully feast on their mother’s entrails as she looks on horrified at the mess she’s going to have to clean up.

Atelier Photography - El Paso Tx.
Atelier Photography - El Paso Tx.

And if those images don’t freak you out, the one with Zombie Toddler holding the creepy Cabbage Patch Doll with black eyes should do it.

Atelier Photography - El Paso Tx.
Atelier Photography - El Paso Tx.

Even though child zombie photos are usually the stuff of nightmares, the El Paso internet ate it up. Yes, pun totally intended.

Lilian's horrifying handiwork had many vowing to mimic the photo shoot or urging friends with presumably a love for the macabre to do the same.

Others filled the comment section on a local community Facebook group with approving remarks such as “awesome,” “BEST IDEA EVER,” “love it,” and “horribly cute.”

I, too, love it. But it's so cute and yet so horrible I don't know whether to go "awww," or "ahhhh!"

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