If you aren't a fan of social media you should be. It's amazing the things that people buy and sell online, especially sell, especially when they're angry. An El Paso woman offered her boyfriend's truck for sale. It sounds like a good deal. It's a 2000 Ford F-150 with 150,000 miles on it. Yes, it's old and has a lot of miles but it's only $200 and you could use it for hauling stuff like when you go to the home improvement store and need a vehicle you don't mind beating up a bit. It could come in handy for those times when your friend asks for help hauling junk to the dump or when they need to move out of their house or apartment.

There's just one slight problem with this vehicle. It doesn't come with a title or keys. From the description of why she is selling her man's truck I get the impression that the title and keys aren't lost, they just aren't in her possession. You see, the woman is selling her man's truck because she says he's a cheater.

So can you sell a car without a title? According to Kelly Blue Book, there are a couple of ways you can. I'm not advocating this but a lot of people are saying on the post that you can't sell a vehicle without a title. Kelly Blue Book says you can get a replacement title but if the odometer reading number or any other part of a title has been altered "the document will not be considered valid by most DMVs and will need to be replaced." Another way to way to do it is if the vehicle has been abandoned if can be re-titled.

You can click here for more ways to sell a car without a title, but like I said, I wouldn't recommend it. Hopefully this woman can get rid of the cheating boyfriend and his car legally or else I'll have to write a follow-up article.

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