Making Masks

Since the shortage of medical supplies, one local woman is stepping in to help with that. She is taking advantage of the quarantine time and putting it to use to do something productive. Lately, medical masks have been running out quickly since they're in high demand. Any store you visit will have zero medical supplies especially masks. This is where Sylvia Montes comes in to be a hero minus the cape.

Local woman, Sylvia Montes is putting her hands to work during this quarantine. She has grabbed some supplies to make homemade masks for medical workers. Hospitals have been running out of medical masks just as much as the stores have. You can see in the photo her husband, Richard Montes took that she is diligently working. Plus, her husband Richard also jumped in to help her make masks for the medical workers. Feel free to reach out to Sylvia if you or someone you know is in the medical field who needs masks.

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