Using when an artist records music, it's usually inside a studio, with a separate room for recording & another person talking to them in a different room. Usually one wouldn't think to record outside. However a couple El Paso musicians have decided to create a music web series that shows musicians recording but in an environments that one would not consider as a "great recording spot".

Take for instance the desert...

Franklin Mountain Life
Franklin Mountain Life

When you look at the desert, I'm willing to bet recording music wouldn't be the first thing you would do. But if you're THESE guys... you CAN.

That was both El Paso's Stan Zubia (Stan) Z & Lorenzo Rojas (Montzeratt) recording in the Aztec Cave Trail at the Franklin Mountains. They recorded a song "Getaway" as a part of a new music web series they're working called "Worldwide Wavelengths" in conjunction with thChrch.

ThChrch was founded by Frank Luna & music producer Danny Nguyen in San Diego, California but they have branched out to including El Paso musicians on Worldwide Wavelengths. The show actually started in 2015 but is being revamped for 2022. Here's a clip of the show back when it started:

The premise behind the show focuses on local musicians who go out to... truly unique environments to write & record music. Their goal is to challenge musicians to "get outside their comfort zone through the real-time creation of original music in a way that brings positive attention to the surrounding geographic locations that make our region unique." Some local musicians who have worked with thChrch include: Villains Kiss, Anthony Austin Brown& Diego Robot.

The show premieres this Friday along with a free performance by Stan Z at The Mad Hatter next to Rubik's at 9pm.

If you're interested in getting more information on the series, you can contact the owners at or

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