El Paso is filled with paranormal stories and urban legends. We all know about The Lady on the HIll, La Llorona and the monk and his donkey on Transmountain; but I recently learned about a new one and it's all thanks to TikTok!

El Paso's Devil Tree is one urban legend that apparently still lives on- and I had never heard about it! But it certainly caught my attention, especially the comments section!

The video gives no description of the Devil's Tree, all it says it "who remembers?" and well, apparently so many on TikTok did! Nestled in the Lakeside neighborhood, the Devil's Tree haunted many.

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One user wrote:

i saw it growing up behind Ascarate school if am correct sparrow street

Unfortunately, the tree is no longer there- which is a little suspicious!

Edith on the O'Reilly on little flower Edith and sparrow I grew couple blocks that's back in the 90 it's gone though.

No one really gives an explanation as to why it was referred to as the Devil's Tree, but it definitely scared those who knew of it!

 Yeah I know where this was at man it was scary to us. my brother in law lived next door

While doing some research on the tree, I could barely find anything! Over on Reddit, someone did as about urban Legends in El Paso and briefly, and I mean briefly, mentioned the Devil's Tree:

...when I was a kid, you could see my elementary school from my backyard, and the kids at the school had this stupid rumor about "the devil tree", a tree that the local Satanists would gather around and do rituals on certain days throughout the year allegedly. The tree really did have creepy carvings on it, and was noticeably unhealthier than all the others.

However, the Reddit user also mentione that this tree was in a big field, and the Devil's Tree mentioned above was on a street-not a field. So were there TWO Devil's Trees in El Paso?!

Nobody else commented on the Devil's Tree thing, but it's something I've been looking into lately! So if you have any information this Devil's Tree, send us a message on the App Chat!

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