Who doesn't love Whataburger? I do & so does my group of friends. In fact, for this past holiday season, we wanted to do something very special: one of us was going to eat a burger with 10 Whataburger patties. Why? Well…why not?

Actually it was all because we wanted to do something special this year & we thought this was perfect. On December 23, 2019, at the Whataburger on Lee Trevino, our buddy, Rick Resendez, was the chosen “victim” for consuming the 10 patties.

Receipt of 10 patty burger
Credit to Francisco Bruno

The burger & drink together cost $21. The entire staff that night were shocked at the thought that SOMEONE was about to consume this massive burger. And then… it arrived…


@kikobruno3My friend attempted (and successfully) to eat a 10 Patty Whataburger. #fy#fyp#Whataburger#10pattychallenge♬ original sound - kikobruno3
We & the ENTIRE Whataburger staff were SHOCKED! We knew Ricky was crazy but this was INSANITY. But he ate…
and ate…
and ate. An hour and a half later… he did it!
Since my friend Francisco Bruno uploaded the video on Tik Tok, it has received over 400 THOUSAND views and even FitFam El Paso posted on their Instagram page about this story.
Fit Fam Instagram story of Whataburger 10 Patty

It's incredible that so many people wanted to see someone eat a 10 patty burger… but Ricky did it. When asked how he felt the next day, he responded “Honestly, I feel pretty good! I feel a little slow but I didn’t feel sick”. Will he do something like this again? Maybe… but until then; all of us wanted to give a HUGE “Thank You” to the friendly staff at the Lee Trevino Whataburger who allowed us to film our friend do this challenge in their restaurant.