Looks like there are about to a lot of jobs available in El Paso. Not only are we going to be getting that Amazon distribution center, it looks like we're close to getting a new warehouse from Marmaxx Operating Corp. Doesn't have quite the same name recognition, does it?

Well, here is what Marmaxx Operating Corp is. The operate around 2,400 retail discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall's. Altogether, Marmaxx Operating Corp employs about 270,000 people, and they'll be bringing about a thousand jobs to El Paso. These jobs start with a $12.50 an hour pay, but 150 of the positions in El Paso will pay a minimum of $32 an hour.

Why is Marmaxx Operating Corp looking to come to El Paso? Financial incentives to the tune of about $9 million. The El Paso City Council has a proposal that would give Marmaxx Operating Corp property tax breaks for 15 years, with 100% of taxes being waived at the beginning, and eventually settling in at a 25% tax cut. There are stipulations though that Marmaxx needs to follow as well. They have estimated they will have an annual payroll of $31 million. In order to continue to receive the incentives from the city of El Paso Marmaxx Operating Corp needs to those employment levels.

So is this a lock that Marmaxx Operating Corp will be bringing their warehouse to the city of El Paso? No. But it's definitely a possibility. If it does happen, they'll be looking to put the warehouse over by the airport off of Global Reach Dr.

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