El Paso High School is the subject of many scary stories in town. Standing on the mountainside as one of the oldest buildings in town, the school overlooks the city, gaining the nickname "The Lady on the Hill." In this town full of rich history, it's not surprising that La High has made it to the list of "Most Haunted Places in Texas," and "Most Haunted High Schools of America."

With all the history and lore surrounding the school, you'd figure there'd be a movie about it by now; there isn't. Today, while we don't have a full on movie, we do have a quick clip that could possibly be proof that The Lady on the Hill is not alone. FitFam, with the help of Instagram user @prettyboisaac, uploaded a video late last night that will send a shiver down your spine. (Please be aware of the strong language in the video).


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Sights at El Paso High. Summer 2020 is getting scary. Credit: @prettyboisaac. #fitfamep

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Is this proof that El Paso High is haunted? Should we call the paranormal investigators (which, BTW, sadly, an episode of "Ghost Adventures" at EPHS is not a possibility)? Maybe, maybe not. But if you are interested in having an El Paso High School movie being made, you can help with that!

Alumni and faculty, along with history buffs, are passionate about preserving the history surrounding the school, so if you've ever wondered why they haven't made a movie, you're not alone! Now there's a way you can help push it in the right direction. Tour guides Joseph and Robert Nevarez have started an online campaign called "Viva la High? A Paranormal Mystery" where you can make a donation to help them produce a movie for the big screen.

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