Cody Decker has been a Minor League baseball player for the last five years and all of that time has been spent with the San Diego Padres organization. The Santa Monica native starred for UCLA and led the Pac-10 in homers his senior year. In addition to his slugging skills, Decker is also an aspiring filmmaker and actor. His latest project, "On Jeff Ears," went viral this weekend and tells the story of an epic prank that was played on teammate Jeff Francoeur. Decker joined Sportstalk yesterday to discuss his love for hitting and pranks.

"We have a lot of guys with big league time and a lot of guys who are high-priority guys in this organization. So, I kind of have to pick and choose the spots, which has been the deal for the last year and a half. One I start getting in the groove, it should be pretty good."

"It's been a prank that's been years in the making. We've had practice runs at it. We've done it the last couple of years."

"This year, we signed Jeff Francoeur at the very end of Spring Training. When he comes in, our manager Pat Murphy just set the table beautifully. He just basically gave him the whole shpiel about the team; It's very competitive, it's going to be a great team, I'm sure we'll get you to the big leagues, you'll love the guys, and by the way, we have a deaf pitcher."

Here are some of Cody's other short films, including this classic from last year that profiled former Big Leaguer and current Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus.

The other videos are short trailers that were also produced by Decker, the self proclaimed #AntiHero from last season, including this bet made with manager Pat Murphy.