Oh, c'mon now ... we've been drowning worms in tequila forever.

Zocalo Cantina on Airway serves a drink that comes with a live minnow on the side. For some, F'd up reason, peeps dump the fish into their drink and chug the poor little guy. ('Ya gotta wonder what goes through the fishes mind at this point....)

To each his own as they say but, there's a petition to have this stopped. It doesn't violate any health codes and, since the customers pour in the fish, nothing can be held against the bar anyway.  It's kinda like giving you a PB&J with a martini and you squishing it in. Weird, gross and stupid but, hey, it's your drink.

Genuinely tasty treat or publicity stunt? I don't know but, I'm sticking with my fish-less Coors Lights.

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