The fall semester of the 2020-21 school year is here and for a lot of parents that means wondering when their kids will have in-classroom learning available to them. We did a quick roundup of the school districts who have announced the return-to-the-classroom dates. As with anything related to things reopening and COVID-19, things could change on a dime. Get more detailed information on the different district's websites and we'll keep you up with any new information here on our website.

1. YISD - Ysleta ISD will reopen select campus hubs on September 14 but only to a limited number of students with extenuating circumstances. Students won't be able to return to campus district-wide until October 19, but if you aren't down with sending your kids back to a traditional classroom, you can still keep them at home with online learning. Click for website.

2. SISD - Socorro ISD will be offering in-classroom learning to students without access to the internet or technology on September 8. Students will still be doing online learning and will be provided a computer. On September 14, students with extenuating circumstances will be able to do virtual learning from their school while being monitored by campus staff and then transition into in-classroom learning with their teacher on September 21. Finally, on September 28, all classrooms will be open to students for full-day, in-person learning. If you aren't comfortable with that, your child can still do online learning at home. Click for website.

3. CISD - Clint ISD is in year-round mode, and students will be doing remote learning from home until the end of the first grading period on September 25. There will be a two-week intercession (break) from September 28 - October 9. When students return on October 12, it will be for in-classroom instruction. Click for website.

4. SEISD - San Eli's Phase I of reopening will begin next Monday, September 8 but only for students with connectivity issues and special populations. Phase II will begin September 28 for students whose parents have requested in-person instruction for their kids. Click for website.

5. AISD - Some of Anthony ISD students have already begun in-classroom learning, but only small groups of students who need additional support. AISD students whose parents selected in-person learning will head back to campus from September 21 - September 25. Click for website.

6. Catholic Diocese of El Paso - The Diocese's schools will reopen to students on Monday, September 8. Click for website.

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