As we all know, the price of eggs have gone through the roof recently.  The average price of eggs right now is over $4 a dozen and currently eggs in the Victoria area eggs are $5.29 for a dozen of Hill Country Fare and $8.99 for and 18-count at HEB. The average price for a dozen of eggs in Mexico is averaging at $3.74, according to the article.

According to the CBP, the increase of the price of eggs has led to an increase in egg smuggling at the Texas-Mexico border.  As reported by KENS-TV in San Antonio, Customs and Border Protection public affairs specialist Francisco Rodriguez says the agency has seen a 300% increase in egg seizures within the past month.

In case you didn't know, it is illegal to bring raw eggs from Mexico into the United States. You can however bring cooked eggs across the border. For example: the eggs inside of your already prepared breakfast taco. You can also bring hard boiled eggs across as well, since they are considered 'sterilized.'  If you are caught smuggling eggs, you could be fined up to $300.00 if the eggs are not declared at the border.


Drugs have been found in some pretty unusual places. The border between Texas and Mexico is very important for drug cartels trying to smuggle their wares into the country. Cartels are trying to sneak in any drug that you can think of. From crystal meth and heroin to marijuana and counterfeit pills, there is no shortage of illicit substances coming up from south of the border and into the United States via Mexico and Texas. The further north the drugs make it in the United States the more money the cartel makes.  Check out some of the unusual attempts that have been made.


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