We like to knock EA Sports for releasing the same games year after year, so it’s only fair to give up some props when the developer recognizes a major problem and makes a wholesale change. While Cris Collinsworth and Gus Johnson are two of the best football broadcasters out there, they were boring and inconsistent in the recent Madden games.

CBS first-stringers Jim Nantz and Phil Simms now get the pleasure of commenting on your 58-0 wins against the computer on easy mode. In Madden NFL 13 — due out Aug. 28 — Nantz and Simms will swap small talk, stories from the road and chiding barbs in addition to straight-up analysis. Best of all, we’re promised no more awkward dead air.

We’ve heard the song-and-dance about developers guaranteeing better commentary before, but we really like the idea of going with the ornery Simms and silky-smooth Nantz, who is excellent in Tiger Woods games. Talk us into believing in you, bros.

Say goodbye to Gus with this fan made highlight reel…

[Via Kotaku]