Watch the mesmerizing video of one El Pasoan making his way down US54 in what looks to be a Winter Wonderland during Winter Storm Uri.

On February 14, 2021, Winter Storm Uri touched down in El Paso, quickly covering the city in a snow and ice blanket. That same day, one El Pasoan took the opportunity to capture his drive on video showing just how unrecognizable the city was under all that snow.

Fernando Tarin posted a two-minute video on the Facebook Group Page, Love El Paso Memories of him driving from 1-10 E onto US54.

Tarin starts the video on 1-10E right before the Raynolds St / 23A Exit. From there, he continues until he takes the Alamogordo / Juarez / Ft Bliss Exit 22B continuing on US54.

As he drives along, you can see that traffic is pretty light, and at one point, there is a motorist that has pulled over on the left-hand side of the road just as he’s passing the Ft. Bliss Cassidy Rd.  / Exit 23.

As Tarin drives through the highway, visibility is so low you can barely see headlights of the traffic traveling in the opposite direction. The snow and rain have covered everything that even the mountains have been blurred out.

As you watch the video, you quickly notice that Tarin is speeding down the road as if he was on a speedway course. The dramatic music also lends to the mesmerizing effect while wondering why someone would be going so fast under those hazardous driving conditions. But before you start to panic, as I did, what we are seeing is a sped-up video giving the effect of racing down the highway. Fernando Tarin was actually driving slower than the speed limit IRL.

While no one knew the devastating impact Winter Storm Uri would leave behind, this video perfectly captures our Sun City under a momentary and beautiful Winter Wonderland spell.


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