Closers are a different breed of ball player. Ricky Vaughn in the ‘Major League’ movies, Rollie Fingers and his mustache, Brian Wilson and his “fear the beard” campaign. Well, now there’s another nut to add to the dysfunctional family tree.

Washington Nationals reliever Drew Storen is the latest in the long list of eccentric closers. What’s his quirk? It’s not facial hair, it’s… Batman. And when you love Batman, you gotta have his ride.

Since the real deal’s not available on eBay, he did the next best thing and painted a 2010 Nissan GT all black.

Drew Storen batmobile

The 24-year-old right-hander revealed his wheels during an interview with SB Nation’s Amy K. Nelson, which you can watch below.

We have to warn you, though, the first four minutes focuses on his love of hot yoga. If we ever learn that the real Batman has taken up yoga we are probably going to have to leave this planet.

[via Yahoo!]